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Founder and CEO Fernando Ayala
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Fernando Ayala
Founder and CEO of Ayala Development, Fernando Ayala, has over 25 years of experience building large-tract planned developments, mixed use, residential, commercial and infrastructure projects across California. Fernando brings hands on experience of all required building practices and general contracting services, which include ADA compliance CASP Reports for interior and exterior work scopes. This intimate knowledge of construction is invaluable in developing and coordinating building designs, schedules and budgets. In addition, his extensive experience in warranty management and mitigation provides the necessary perspective and problem solving skills required to execute sustainable profitable developments.

Additionally, Fernando has cultivated relationships with local community groups, city planning officials and district council representatives. Fernando is committed to satisfying the needs of his customers and the communities in which he serves.

Building & General Contractor Services

When it comes to your home, business or development project, we take pride in the specific details that make your vision a reality. These are things you won’t have to worry about when you choose Ayala Development Incorporated.

Our team has experience across a wide range of building and renovation projects, backed by a company-wide commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We build relationships to last, and have enjoyed successful partnerships with many industry-leading people and companies. You will find us very capable in all phases of construction and renovation.


Mixed Use

Our Clients

California Residential
& Commercial General Contractor

Our job as General contractors is not only to construct and remodel; We will also assist you by preparing a detailed schedule for the project, constantly evaluate our performance and approach, and always seek better alternatives to serve you.

Accurate Cost & Timelines

We bring our experience working on projects of a wide variety of size, building type, and construction type when creating a master project schedule for your project. From keeping updated on changing cost and delivery data to internal data from current and past projects, Ayala strives to provide our clients with realistic costs and timelines.

Projects Large & Small

Whether it's a home renovation project or a build-out in your commercial space, Ayala Development Inc. is here to complete your project quickly and on budget. Our team is made up of an experienced and highly trained staff focused on efficient, high quality work. Ayala has an extensive background in remodeling, renovation, and general contracting.

Safety Conscious

Ayala achieves a more productive workforce and fewer workplace injuries by promoting effective and efficient approaches to safety & health through cooperation with employees and striving to constantly evaluate and improve our safety program. Our team is highly qualified & experienced in all phases of the construction process.
People are talking about Ayala Development Inc...


"We had the great fortune to work with Fernando Ayala in 2008, as he worked tirelessly and confidently, focused with a mission. His mission was to build us the home of our dreams. He did that 100 times over. He and his whole team were always kind and patient. Most importantly, he built our home with integrity and quality, meeting all time lines and the budget. We are truly grateful to ADI".

Catherine Curry-Williams and Scott Williams

"When we purchased our new home, we decided to do a complete renovation before moving in. From new flooring and paint, to fully re-stuccoing the exterior of the house, full bathroom and kitchen renovation, along with various other projects along the way. Ayala Development truly made our vision come to life! Their team handled all projects with expertise and care, ensuring everything was done to the highest standard. The end result was exactly what we had envisioned! Thank you, Ayala Development!"

Fanny Cunningham

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